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The magic of place is deeply embedded in our memory, the sounds of home are a powerful and emotive trigger, surrounding us everyday. They can trigger memories, help us meditate, relax or change our emotions, bringing us back to our childhood. Ranging from the serene sound of the ocean, waves and beach wildlife, through to the busy city streets, the urban streets and the magical rainforest and wildlife, the Gold Coast is home to a wide array of beautiful spaces.


These 360 video experiences have been created to pay homage to our magical city. Each location has been captured in high def 24/96 Ambisonic surround sound and 360 video. You can watch and listen to the videos through your computer or with headphones, the sound will change as you pan around. Thanks to Placemakers GC and the stART Grant for funding this experience.

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of this country on which we live and work. I recognise their continuing connection to place: to the land, the water and culture. I pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging. We share this land and this space.

Guy Cooper 2020.jpg

About the artist Guy Cooper,

As a musician and sound sculpture artist I find my interests and passions over the past years have focused on the connection of our natural and the man-made environments that surround us. Exploring and finding some balance between creating a sustainable living experience that embraces our cities natural beauty and allows its current inhabitants to appreciate and connect with our land and country. Music and audio is more than a passion, it is my life, I want to use this skill set to bring some magic and appreciation of our cities environments to more people. Art has the ability to engage the public in discourse about our environment and spark new lines of critical thinking in everyone that experiences it. Local Gold Coast art that showcases our city and its environment can be a very powerful way of engaging and connecting our community. I love the ability art has through my music, art and sculpture to bring people together in our city and inspire future generations.

Soundwave Gold Coast Tiny Planet
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