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Immersive Environment Documentary

Interconnectivity imersive audio video of place and people for the Gold Coast.

Produced, directed, recorded and Composed by Guy Cooper. 


‘Interconnectivity’ is is a story of place, the space between us all. A journey in search of the essence of the Gold Coast and the vibrations that exist and connect us.


Our lives are defined by place, where we grew up, spend our time and live our lives, defines and creates our experiences. Both the visuals and sounds that surround us are a powerful and emotive trigger for most Australians and particularly for Gold Coast residents. The Gold Coast is home to many unique environments and locations, we are uniquely blessed with a city that is situated between lush tropical rainforests and epic long-spanning golden beaches. The sound of the ocean waves, the soft howling of the wind across the sand, through the grass and the natural wildlife that inhabit out beaches, that deep sensory experience calling us back to the dunes and into the embrace of the ocean can trigger strong memories and sensory exploration in people of all ages.


Utilising dynamic cinematography, advanced ambisonic and 360 location audio recording techniques and contemporary music arrangement and production, I have created an immersive audio and visual experience that explores the interconnectivity of the Gold Coast. Captured from a variety of places and with music to produce an immersive experience that tells the story of place for the Gold Coast.


The audience will experience a deeply sensory immersive audio and visual experience, that typify the different Gold Coast environments. The experience provides an engulfing and meditative swell of sound and visual movement. Placing the listener in these environments and evoking the feeling and memories of Gold Coast locals and our visitors to a uniquely Gold Coast experience. The viewer will explore the interconnectivity of the people, places and nature that make up the Gold Coast, a story of connectivity is waiting to be explored that expresses the feeling of place through the Gold Coast.


My goal would be to allow viewers to pull their own story from the experience with iconic and secret Gold Coast sites, images and sounds. Focusing on the emotion of sight, sound and place, expressed and translated through our senses. A meditative experience for viewers of all ages. Patterns and vibrations are found in nature, man-made structures and our daily routines. Exploring the interconnectivity between these will bring a deeper awareness of how the Gold Coast feels.

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