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Human Records is a record label based on the Gold Coast in Australia founded & headed by Guy Cooper & Jake Morton. We represent popular music artists from Australia in digital and physical markets across countries such as Japan, China, U.K., U.S.A, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand and Australia.


We deal with full production with our studio Serotonin Productions (music, video, artwork, promo), distribute, manage and promote amazing music by great songwriters and artists. With a strong focus on inspiring music, songwriting and touring, we also assist in the creation of auditory and visual media for the artists we represent.


We believe in great songs & artists regardless of the genre and only work with creative artists who have a strong involvement with writing and performing their own music.


Love for life, music & goodwill, support for artists that inspire is our way of living.

Artists bookings and enquiries: For all artist booking, licensing, publishing or promotion enquires please email

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