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“Julia Rose's new EP is a mix of folky soulful music that envelops you with every note, she is definitely a star on the rise.”
E. Wheatley, CEO Bandtag.

South East Queensland's Baroque Pop Queen Julia Rose

Julia Rose is a favourite original local music act from Brisbane, frontwoman Jules ‘JR’ delivers one hell of a breath-taking performance on bass, vocals and guitar. The singer / songwriter JR plays solo and with her amazing star-studded band including Dave Bell (drums), Nikolaine Martin (keys/guitar), Ruth Gardener (guitar). Julia Rose will be releasing the single ‘high horses’ mid-year and is excited to drop their Debut album late 2020.

Julia Rose is on Independent Record Label Human Records and has worked with producer and manager Guy Cooper from Serotonin Productions on 3 successful EP releases. The band are so excited to bring this album to fruition after years of intense touring across Australia and internationally for over 10 years. Jules is the winner of awards such as the Brisbane Pride Performer of the Year award & Roey Idol, and her songs have received high rotation on national radio. The sold out shows and radio airplay Julia Rose’s EP’s have received is testament to her music and the way it resonates with music lovers.


Thematically, JR’s songs explore human connection, intimacy, love, soul searching, and the itinerant nature and experiences of life on the road. With a three-octave range and gutsy operatic techniques coupled with humorous antics, Julia Rose’s live shows are sure to get your heart pumped. Soaring vocals, rhythmic guitar lines and masterful bass licks blend beautifully to take you on a lyrical, rhythmical and melodic journey, drawing from the audience a feeling of familiarity that digs deep into the soul and stirs the senses. As well as fronting her own band, Jules has been performing in bands & writing/recording music since 2003 including Bertha Control, Anarchist Duck, and still performs as bassist/vocals in CC the Cat, Hayley Grace and TBC, and in touring Canadian band Alysha Brilla.

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